Jean was always exposed to art, especially music and photography. He started studying music at the age of 9 and his whole life he’s been working as a professional musician.

Photography was always present in his life through his parents, who would always photograph family moments and keep the albums available for everyone to see.

Jean believes that there is a strong connection between photography and music. For him, it is all about composition; mixing and combining the elements in an honest and unpretentious way in order to create something genuine and captivating that catches the interest of the audience.

The subject of interest of Jean’s photography are people and their connection with their environment. His portraits and street photography talk about the relation between the subjects and how they are defined by their surroundings.

Right now he mostly records videos for musicians, where his experiences lies. By having been in the position of his clients, Jean understands exactly what they want when they ask him to record a video and that’s where his strength plays an important role. However, Jean has also worked in other fields and has worked with Start-ups and Entrepreneurs, creating videos that showcase their brand and products.